Leap of Faith

Are you looking for a Broadway Show with all the right ingredients for a true hit? This show has it all!

Great singing, dancing, costumes, set, and stars – ok the plot is a little cheesy but who really cares. It’s your usual traveling, evangelistic, high powered, con artist, faith healer who comes to a tiny, down and out town named Sweetwater. He comes not because he really wants to but because he’s been thrown out of all the big money towns and is wanted by the police and the IRS. Well, what do you think happens in this town?!

He falls in love with the beautiful sheriff who sees right through him and wants to throw him out on his ear. But the plot thickens when we realize . . . . . no, I’m not going to tell you how the plot thickens; you need to see this one yourself!

The Cast
Raul Esparza plays our charismatic faith healer, Jonas Nightengale, with energy and voice to the rafters! Kecia Lewis-Evans plays Ida Mae the leader of the Gospel singers. If you enjoy Gospel singers, this group will raise you up! Totally Awesome! But my absolute favorite person in this show, who totally wins my personal Tony Award is Leslie Odom, Jr. He plays Ida Mae’s seriously studying to be a preacher son, also out to get our devious Jonas. He is worth the price of admission! He can currently be seen weekly on “Smash”. His voice, his dance moves are off the chart!

I give this show a rating of three. (Moved me in some way, goose bumps, laughter, tears, recommend seeing for one or many reasons, can’t wait to see it again, probably multiple times) This rating is not to be confused with a four. (Every person in the world needs to see this show! Maybe a hundred times) Don’t miss Leap of Faith if you want to have fun, laugh and come out singing!

View the Broadway.com Word of Mouth Review Video here.
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