Carol’s review for “Love Letters” by AR Gurney, Directed by Gregory Mosher

“No one forgets their first love letters”!

I was curious to see Mia Farrow perform and I love Brian Dennehy so I decided to spend an afternoon in New York finding out what Love Letters was all about. The stage was about as simple as a stage could get. It consisted of a long desk in the center with two 

chairs. The two of them walked out with scripts in hand to a wonderous applause and they sat down and began to read. 

Once I realize this was all it was going to be, just two people on a stage reading letters back and forth, I must admit I was a bit disappointed. The letters started out as young children, 

he, obviously had taken a liking to this cute girl in his class. She was not a bit interested. As they read on and on their two separate lives begin to take shape. She is a bit wild, artistic, 

eccentric and wealthy with a very unorthodox and unhappy family life. He is much more stable, grounded intelligent and ambitious with a strong family background. These two 

unlikely friends or would be lovers travel down different paths, always corresponding, occasionally intersecting, bumbling through life’s ups and downs and crashing to an emotional, 

riveting, final ending.

To hold an audience captivated for 90 minutes of just reading with absolutely no action or interaction is, to say the least, an amazing feat for any actor. Brian Dennehy and Mia Farrow 

are truly amazing. Alan Alda and Candice Bergen, Stacy Keach and Diana Rigg, Anjelica Huston and Martin Sheen are slated to appear during this Broadway run. I’m sure they will all do 

this play incredible justice but I would truly like to be in the audience when Carol Burnette plays the role of Melissa,

I might just have to see this one again. I rate it a number two on my scale of zero to four. Thoroughly enjoyed show, memorable in parts, maybe a goose bump or two, would see it one more time for sure.