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To write a review is to merely give an opinion.  Everyone’s opinion differs.  My reviews are based on my particular feelings about a show or a performer.

I am, pure and simple, a theatre lover.  If someone is talented enough to appear on stage and sing or dance or act in a manner that makes me feel something, stir an emotion within me, give me goose bumps or make me laugh or cry, then that’s good theatre to me. 

I am not a super intellectual looking for the deeper meaning or philosophical plot of a show, although I especially enjoy one that keeps me thinking about it for the next few days.  I base my barometer on whether or not I want to see it again.

After a show it’s rare that I say “I’m sorry I saw this show”.  Although this does happen on some occasions like “The Mother_____With the Hat”,  I saw no redeeming qualities in that show whatsoever.  Many times I think I’m happy I saw it but once is enough.  Usually revivals fall into that category.

I felt that way about “South Pacific”.  Now many of you tell me you loved, loved, loved South Pacific which came back to Broadway a few years ago.  Okay, great music, very entertaining, etc. etc. but once was enough for me, old music, old story, I’m kind of over it.  Now if this is a show you would see again and again, we are probably not on the same page and my reviews just might not be for you.

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Then there are the shows that the minute the curtain goes down I can’t wait to get to the box office to see again.  I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve gotten the goose bumps and I’m on my feet giving it a standing ovation.

Now, within this wonderful category, there are those which after seeing one or two more times, the cast changes, it becomes a little old to me, personally.  I still loved it, still tell everyone if you get a chance don’t miss it.  Then there are those like “Wicked”, “Jersey Boys”, “Les Mis”, “Phantom” and I think I have to put “Billy Elliot”, “Legally Blond” and “Rent” into this category because I haven’t seen them enough to be tired of them.  These shows are repeat performances for me.  Never tired of seeing, never get old, music wonderful or dancing suburb, goose bumps every time!

So here’s my rating system:

Carol’s Reviews Rating System

Zero * Doesn’t happen often, but sorry I went

One * Glad I saw it, did not strike a nerve, no need to see it again.

Two * Thoroughly enjoyed show, memorable in parts, maybe a goose bump or two,  would see it one more time for sure.

Three *  Moved me in some way, goose bumps, laughter, tears,  recommend seeing this show for one or many reasons, can’t wait to see it again, probably multiple times.

Four * Every person in the world needs to see this show!  Maybe a hundred times!