Newsies and Broadway Classroom

On Sunday, August 12 I took a group of 52 people, intermediate and advanced dancers and chaperones from the Oncore Dance Studio of Lancaster up to New York to do a Broadway Classroom, have lunch and see the fabulous show Newsies!  It was a totally awesome day!  They arrived in New York about an hour and a half before the class was to begin thereby giving them time to walk around the city and see some sights before the class.

Once they arrived at the Pearl Studios they changed into dancewear and were assigned their rooms and instructors.  Advanced had Thayne Jasperson and intermediate had Mike Faist, both members of the cast and absolutely adorable!  Mike was a "Dlancey Brother" a Newsie and understudy for the lead role of Jack and he's 20 years old in his first Broadway Show!  This is also Thayne's Broadway debut plays Darcy and a Newsie and you might have seen him on "So You Think You Can Dance" and High School Musical!

Thayne taught his group choreography from "King of New York" and Mike had his group doing "Seize the Day".  I ran back and forth taking pictures of both groups and was absolutely in awe of the incredible talent of these two teachers and amazed at how quickly and beautifully both groups learned their routines.  After an hour of instruction the two groups came together and performed for each other and, of course, the chaperones and lucky me!  The students then gathered around and had a question and answer period, finding out all about these two Broadway stars and their roads to success!  What an experience for everyone!  I think quite a few of those little girls fell in love that day!

After changing and heading up to Johns for a great lunch of salad, garlic bread, calzones, pizza, soda and desert, it was off to the theatre and experiencing the Tony award winning "Newsies".

I just happened to bring my 4 year old Granddaughter Madison for her very first Broadway show!   We were just a little worried that she might not stay interested for the entire 2 and a half hour show.  That was a waste of worry.  She sat straight up in her chair mesmerized every minute!

After the show it was out to the stage door for autographs and last goodbyes to our very own famous new friends!

Yes, anyone can see a Broadway show but this is the way to make it one of the most memorable fantastic days of your life.

Broadway Classrooms can be done on any show.  You can learn a song or a dance on any level or learn stage combat, costumes, or any aspect of the theater.

In the past I've taken groups to see Memphis and Godspell and the Catholic Community Choir is going to see Lion King in December with a Broadway Classroom.

What a great opportunity for a class trip or just a group of friends!  The prices vary from show to show but this Newsies trip I just planned cost $160 per person for everything!  Transportation, class, lunch and show were all included!

Think about it and give me a call!