I finally  had an opportunity to see the beautiful, touching musical, ONCE, this past week!  I can't tell you how much it has moved me.  The music has been playing in my home all week.  It's the romantic story of an Irish street musician and a Czech immigrant who are drawn to each other by their love of music.  Every actor in this 11 Tony nominated musical is not only an actor, but a highly accomplished musician.

The Story

The story is compelling, the music enchanting and the two leads, Steve Kazee and Cristin Milioti are . . . . I just can't think of the right words to describe them.  Could it be somberly breathtaking?  Amazingly adorable?  Heartbreakingly real?

I think you should come and see it for yourself.  You won't regret it.  In fact, you might regret missing  this ONCE in a lifetime opportunity!

Upcoming Trip

Choose either October 20th or November 11th.  Cost is $150 until June 10th!  On the 11th the price goes up to $185. If you want to see this a different date, just let me know.