A Streetcar Named Desire

It is the tragic story of two well-to-do Southern sisters and their road to ruin. Nicole Ari Parker plays a riveting Blanche. She, the older sister, schoolteacher, headed down a shady, sordid path as she stayed behind and watched their fortune dwindle. All the while she tried to play the innocent, high society, damsel in distress role as she strolled into town where younger sister, Stella (Daphne Rubin-Vega) had carved out a seemingly, happy, passionate little life in a tiny two room flat with a hunky, abusive brute of a husband Stanley played by Blair Underwood.

Stanley catches on to Blanche’s airs immediately as she completely disrupts their life, seduces his buddy and trashes him to her pregnant sister. The situation goes downhill from there and the end is tragic for all.

If you want to see great acting, Blair Underwood – wow! Nicole Ari Parker – sensational and Daphne Rubin-Vega – adorable, then, by all means see Streetcar! If you want to go home with a heavy heart, see Streetcar!

But if you are familiar with Tennessee Williams, you already know that!

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