Anything Goes

Those Understudy Papers
The night I saw Anything Goes was the night of the understudies. Don’t you just hate it when you get your playbill and all the little papers fall out!
• “The role of Moonface Martin (usually played by Joel Grey) (what!!!) will be played by Robert Creighton”
• “The role of Billy Crocker, usually played by Colin Donnell, (OK I don’t even know Colin Donnell but his picture is adorable!) will then be played by Josh Franklin”
• etc, etc.
Thank God, Sutton Foster, who I really love, is here tonight!!!

The Show Begins
OK it was a rocky start but when the curtain came up, I must admit, it was a show not worth missing. Sutton Foster, as always, gave it everything she’s got. Believe me - she’s got it all! This is a name that will go down in history with the Mary Martins and the blankety blanks ----- of yesteryear.

The Story
The scene is aboard a cruise ship sailing to London with plots and sub plots including a marriage between the lovely debutant Hope Harcourt and the very wealthy, crackpot Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. Billy Crocker is the stowaway who truly loves Hope and Reno Sweeney (played by Sutton Foster) is the showgirl rejected by Billy. We have our crooks and scoundrels and wealthy passengers with funny, silly, situations and lovely love scenes. It’s a fabulous revival of true, good old fashioned, fun filled, entertainment!

The Music
You’ll remember numbers like “You’re the Top”, I Get a Kick out of You”, Easy to Love” and, of course, “Anything Goes”!

The Stars
As disappointed as I was to miss Joel Grey, Robert Creighton could have not been any better in the role of Moonface Martin and although Colin Donnell would probably have been great, that adorable little Josh Franklin is definitely going places, he was divine as Billy! Another noteworthy showstopper is Jessica Stone who plays Erma the hot little sexpot who does an unforgettable number with the sailor boys. I always wanted to do a number like that!!!! Guess it’s a little late and a few too many pounds for me. Maybe in my next life!!

Carol's Rating
Don’t miss “Anything Goes” even with the understudies! I give it four stars!