Don't Dress for Dinner

Light, lively, silly! Slapstick situation comedy at it’s best! 

Of the five main characters, Robert the husband and Jacqueline the wife (played by Ben Daniels and Patricia Kalember) their friend and her lover Bernard (played by Adam James) and his mistress Suzanne (played by Jennifer Tilly) my very favorite was Suzette the cook played by Spencer Kayden. 


Spencer Kayden as Suzette has deadpan down to a science and her lithe, limber body can just about do anything!  She is absolutely hysterical – in fact, they all are.  If you’re in the mood to be entertained and just laugh, don’t miss it!  My rate for Don’t Dress for Dinner is a two. I thoroughly enjoyed show. -Memorable in parts, maybe a goose bump or two. I would see it one more time for sure!


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