Private Lives




Kim Cattrall

It was very exciting for me to have the opportunity to see Kim Cattrall from Sex and the  City live on Broadway!  She was absolutely amazing!  She played sexy sultry to the limit, of course, but she also was outrageously funny.


The show was a situation comedy with a divorced couple on their respective honeymoonstwith new spouses and sharing balconies next to each other.  They see each other, sparks fly and they run off together for a passionate few days before the new and dull spouses seek them out.  Things get a little wild and crazy and ends in a cozy scene for our original couple!

Carol's Rating

Loved the actors, they did a great job, timing was perfect etc. etc. etc. . . all in all, the show was not my favorite.  To me it was a very dated and dragged a bit.  But that's just me, you may love it!


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