Venus in Fur

“Summertime and the living is easy”. 

Or so the song goes.  There’s nothing easy about the living in Porgy and Bess.  Catfish Row is a dirt poor, slum in Charlestown North Carolina.  Porgy is a good living disabled black beggar who takes in, and falls in love with, the abused, dug addicted, hussy Bess after her lover commits murder on Catfish Row and runs off to hide.

The wonderfully amazing Audra McDonald plays Bess in this beautiful operetta.  I had to close my eyes and allow the melodious voices to surround me and carry me off.  Not kidding.  It was that wonderful. You are so filled with emotion as she struggles with her addiction and eventually becomes part of the Catfish Community and falls in love with Porgy only to have her dirt bag boyfriend Crown come back to scoop her away.  You just want to go up there on stage and shake her and tell her what’s best for her . . . .


Anyway, the ending kind of leaves you hanging but you walk away needing to buy the CD.  Loved it!  I’ll rate it a number two. I thoroughly enjoyed show. -Memorable I parts, maybe a goosebump or two, would see it one more time for sure.


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