If/Then - Carol's Review

We Broadway lovers have been waiting, patiently waiting for her return.  Idena Menzel does not disappoint!  That powerful, unique, Idina voice does not ever disappoint!  We had a rare treat in seeing "If/Then" in it's second week of previews.  Michael Greif, the director, came out before the start of the show to explain to us that during previews changes are constantly being made and Idina had just learned a brand new opening number and she would be using cue cards!!!  Are you kidding!  Idina using cue cards!  It was the second time she ever sang this song and we were the privileged group to see her perform (fabulously I might add) holding cue cards!  Ok so that was exciting. 


The concept of this show was fascinating.  If you take one path in life, then what would have happened if you had chosen another.  We witnessed Elizabeth as either "Liz" going down one path of career choices and "Beth" heading in quite another choosing love, marriage and children.  Both parts were, of course, played by Idina.  That was the tricky part.  You needed to know Beth wears the glasses.  Once you understood that it was a little easier to realize who was who as she jumps back and forth between the pathways.  Her friends and lovers all made different choices as they enthusiastically danced down their own respective pathways based on Elizabeth's decisions.  The theory truly makes you ponder about being in the exact right spot at the exact right time in order for the life you were meant to live to actually happen.

The story twists and turns and pulls on your heartstrings and winds right back to a place that . . . no, no, no, you need to see this one for yourself and think about your own twists and turns.

The entire cast was terrific with Idina at the helm.  She was the central figure, on stage almost every single second, her voice is electrifying.  She absolutely makes this show.   LaChanze plays Kate, her best friend, with all the spunk and enthusiasm a girl could ever spew out on the stage!  Anthony Rapp and Idina go way back to their Rent days as Mark and Maureen and once again have an interesting relationship as Lucas and Liz.  But James Snyder as Josh had me riveted to my seat and weeping aloud with his fatherhood song!