Sylvia with Matthew Broderick and Annnaleigh Ashford

Review for “Sylvia” with Matthew Broderick, Annaleigh Ashford, Julie White and Robert Sella



Boy did I see an adorable show this week!  “Sylvia” is one of the most clever, imaginative plays I’ve seen in a long time.  Matthew Broderick plays Greg , your typical mid life crisis kinda guy who finds a stray dog in the park , falls madly in love and brings her home to, hopefully, live in his “empty nester” New York home with level headed,  career minded wife Kate.  As you can imagine, Kate is not so anxious to share her full and happy life with a dog.  Annaleigh Ashford (who totally charmed me in Kinky Boots) playing Silvia, the dog, is what gives this play the added zip t throwing it over the top inimagination and hilarity.  Within seconds of her stage entrance you realize Annaleigh is “Sylvia” the dog.  Her movements, crazy antics and total body language are dog, completely female dog.  The audience falls in love, Greg falls in love, Sylvia falls in love with Greg but Kate wants no parts of Sylvia.  The fourth cast member, Robert Sella is incredible!  He plays three amazing roles, Tom another dog owner, Phyllis, Kate’s friend and Leslie the therapist.  The interaction of the four cast members is “laugh out loud” pure entertainment.   To me it’s a not to be missed Broadway play that I can’t imagine any other cast members puling off with such timing, warmth charm and utter talent.  The language might be a little rough for a younger crowd but the story is just so endearing!  I hope you all go see “Sylvia”  and enjoy it as much as I did!