Finding Neverland Review

Wow!  When the show came to a splashingly splendid grand finale, all I could say was WOW! 

Wow to Matthew Morrison from Glee, who is beyond talented, Kelsey Grammer commanded the stage, as usual, as Charles Frohman and Captain Hook, and to Carolee Carmello with her booming voice.  Laura Michelle Kelly was shear perfection as Silvia, the widowed Mother of the four spirited boys who captivated J.M. Barrie and instigated the creation of his most famous play "Peter Pan".  Aidan Gemme as Peter is a young talent with a long resume  and a very bright future. 

This production was generously infused with special effects and imaginative staging and choreography as well as a hefty serving of both humor and sadness.  I found myself laughing out loud one moment and tears rolling down my cheeks the next! 

Finding Neverland is right up there among my new favorites, which I will give a rating of  three stars as I was moved, had goose bumps, laughter and rears and I'd definitely recommend this show to all audiences for many reasons and I can't wait to see it again!