Traveling Alone? Why Not Meet Up?

OK, so you love Broadway, there's a show listed on my website you really want to see and you ask your friends and family members and they're just not into it or can't make it that day.  What do you do?  I know some of you just sign up and go by yourself.  Actually, I have quite a few ladies that do it all the time.  But what if you are not comfortable enough in New York alone or just don't think you'd enjoy going out to lunch alone. 

Maybe it's time to form a group.  Let's talk on line, see how many would be interested in meeting up on my bus or meeting in NY if you are not from the Springfield area.  We already know you have one thing in common.  You wouldn't even be reading this if you didn't love the theater.

Let's get a conversation going!  

Anyone have a thought to share!