Carol's Reviews - It Shoulda Been You


This show is fun!  Its funny, fresh and just plain good entertainment!


I would imagine Tyne Daly and Harriet Harris are a very big draw for most theatergoers!  Both bring their own big personalities and sarcastic wit as the warring Mother-in-Laws.  

The show was just pure fun! 

The voices of Lisa Howard, Montego Glover and Nick Spangler and actually the entire cast were extraordinary!  Music and songs uplifting, set was gorgeous, costumes lovely and the cast perfect!   Heartwarming, funny, with a couple of not-to-be-expected twists! 

I rate this show an absolutely must see for this season!  I’m not sure it has the lasting power of a Wicked or Book of Mormon but if you want to laugh and be shocked and walk out feeling good, don’t miss “It Shoulda Been You”.  I’m giving it three stars