Q: Can I ride the bus to New York on the day of scheduled trips and not see a show?

A: Yes! The bus takes you there and back. You meet the bus at the designated location when departing and returning. Email us to confirm 'bus only' price.

Q: Can I see a show not listed in your Upcoming Shows page?

A: On any date, I can get you tickets to see a different show. Pay face value for tickets and pay separately to ride the bus.  I'll need cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses and name of show and date with your checks! Checks may be sent to my address or you may pay with PayPal.



Q: Can I get on a bus trip to New York with Broadway with Carol and not see a show?

A: You may choose to ride the bus and do your own thing in New York. You are free to spend the day as you choose. You will meet the bus for departure at a specified location.